“Smart Wear for the Inspirational  Woman”

"Women In Spirit" by Studious Apparel is creating a new narrative by shedding old ideologies and establishing new paradigms in women's casual wear that accentuate spirituality and connectedness.


"Women In Spirit" is more than just a slogan or tagline, it's a philosophy we have imagined and brought to bare for the power of the woman.  This is our first in an array of designs as we plan to heighten the awareness and resolve of contributions women make to society in love, grace, energy, strength, creativity, stamina and resiliency.

The T- Shirt:  90 percent soft heavy cotton, the world's comfort cloth, with the slightest hint of polyester for strength and durability produced by Gildan, Ladies T-shirts an environmentally conscious company.

Below are our current styles. 
Shirt sizes come in ladies S, M, L and XL.

The colors choices are black, gray or white.

Cost:  $22.95 with free shipping

Note:  Secured payment processing will be through PayPal and our partnered account Gary Beulah Enterprises, a business development company supporting women in business.


We also have 'Women In Spirit' mugs!

Mug Cost: $12.95  / with free shipping

Studious Apparel by Maxine Flavors, a design company dedicated to supporting early educational causes and initiatives  through the collective spirit of women.


Proceeds from the sale of our t-shirts and licensing of our designs go towards women in business who focus on the care and education of our children.

"A woman is like a Tea Bag you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."

Eleanor Roosevelt

We look forward to hearing from you.


Please let us know your favorite picks, and be sure to tell all of your family and friends about us.

Proceeds go towards  children's early learning, supporting  childcare centers in community neighborhoods.


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